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Several of my photos are published in the new issue of MARTOR - The Museum of the Romanian Peasant's Anthropology Journal - current issue "A Place for Hay: Flexibility and Continuity in Hay Meadow Management."


A Recent Interview by Julia Dean

JD:  What advice would you give someone who is thinking about making a career in photography?

KLM:  Research all avenues to what a career in photography may mean. And to be open to possibly doing three of those paths, such as being a wedding photographer/event photographer, headshots for actors/anyone, and making your art.


Guest Speaker in Brasov, Romania

I had the pleasure in participating at this conference in Brasov, Romania. The event was hosted by Transylvania University. My presentation, "The Colors of Hay and Concrete: The Changing Aesthetics of Maramures Peasants," was about my documentation of the Maramures region in northern Romania. I am grateful to the US Embassy in Bucharest and the New York Film Academy for sponsoring my trip. The conference was the "Appalachians/Carpathians: Researching, Documenting, and PreservingHighland Traditions Conference," hosted by the Transylvania University, Brasov, Romania.


FLOW Magazine

My photographs "Girls from Sarbi" have been published in a beautiful Dutch magazine! Thank you to the Anzenberger Agency in Vienna.


Color of Hay in Bucharest

The terrific Museum of the Romanian Peasant in Bucharest had an exhibition opening this month called "The Story of Hay." Several of my photographs accompanied the exhibit and will travel to Sweden in 2016.